Nipples Prosthesis - READY TO WEAR Collection

200,00 €

We provide prosthetic nipples from the “Ready-to-wear Collection” with various nipple projections.
Depending on what you choose, the projection of the nipple as well as its coloring will make your prosthesis unique to your image.

You have thirty colors to choose from.


When ordering, please tell us the projection of the desired nipple:

2mm 3mm 4mm

The diameter you would like to have:

3cm 3.5cm 4cm 4.5cm 5cm 5.5cm 6cm

We advise you to ask for 4cm unless you know the size of your nipples of yesteryear.



In your order:

You will receive a pair of nipple prosthesis, we also offer you with your purchase 10ml of adhesive
as well as 10ml of remover.

If you would like to find nipples visually similar to those you had before, please contact us to have access to our impression bank. Click directly here to be redirected to the form.


Certified skin-safe, medical-grade silicone. Non-allergenic.

The silicone we use, as well as the dyes, have CE Class 1 certification.

Technical sheet sent by email on request.