Remover G608 - 100 ml

39,00 €

The remover - Probond G608 will help you take off your prostheses as well as remove adhesive residue both on the prosthesis and on your skin.

Probond G608 solvent has CE Class 1 certification.

Technical sheet sent by email on request.


REMOVAL of the prosthesis using Probond G608 remover.

APPLICATION: Apply Probond G608 Remover using a cotton swab, cotton ball or suitable makeup brush.

Apply the remover under the edges of the denture and on the skin, remove gently.


Once the prosthesis is peeled off, clean and moisturize the skin using a cosmetic cleanser and moisturizer.

You can soak your dentures in warm water with soap to make it easier to remove all the adhesive.

Be sure to repeat this operation between each pose.